Legends Entertainment District Chooses Ayuda Media Systems platform to run all OOH operations

Ayuda Platform now powers all digital signage and advertising operations for highest footfall traffic in Phoenix


Legends Entertainment District, the downtown home of MLB’s Chase Field (Arizona Diamondbacks) , and NBA, WNBA and AFL’s US Airways Centre (Phoenix Suns, Phoenix Mercury and Arizona Rattlers), has chosen Ayuda Media Systems’ platform to run all OOH advertising operations and digital signage. Legends operates its own self contained advertising network in one of the most heavily trafficked areas in all of Phoenix, delivering the highest number of combined ad impressions compared to any other venue in the sixth largest city in the USA. It operates several large format spectacular digital billboards in addition to more than 40 static spectacular signs, providing a custom marketing playground and high impact experience for premium brands. Ayuda is now powering all live digital signage operations and playback, contract management and sales tools, delivering a fully-integrated end-to-end experience for Legends to efficiently manage its business growth.

According to Travis Pensky, Business Operations Manager at Legends Entertainment District, “Looking at other software and understanding where our business needs were, Ayuda made the most sense. It allowed us flexibility and customization that was critical to our unique operations and business needs. At the end of the day, Ayuda’s user interface and integration across sales and inventory management completely sealed the deal for us.” When asked about their experience working with Ayuda, Pensky replied: “Ayuda has been spectacular with their customer support. Their entire client service team has been incredibly resourceful throughout the go-live process, and have been extremely responsive to our needs. Not only was the transition done with care and top notch dedication from Ayuda, we loved the improvements from our old software - such as no delays on digital synchronization, seamless transitions, and a much more effortless campaign management approach.”

Daniel Fleischer, Ayuda’s Vice President of Business Development, comments that “Ayuda is proud to be fully powering one of the most prestigious and highly coveted advertising locations in North America’s fastest growing city. Ayuda was uniquely positioned to address several of Legends’ business requirements from a single platform. Ayuda is the only software solution that is capable of managing digital signage, sales, traditional signage operations, contract & inventory management, as well as finance on a single fully integrated software experience. We are providing business efficiencies that will help Legends grow their business, unencumbered by multiple software systems that don’t talk to each other. We are very proud to add Legends’ Entertainment District to the list of high profile locations across the country that are powered by Ayuda’s fully integrated and ultra-reliable Splash™ Digital Signage CMS and player. We look forward to helping Legends grow their business as a key technology partner.”

About Legends Entertainment DistrictThe Legends Entertainment District is a unique and first of its kind partnership between four professional sports teams, the Arizona Diamondbacks, Phoenix Suns, Phoenix Mercury and Arizona Rattlers. Legends is designed to encompass landmark downtown facilities such as the US Airways Center, Chase Field, CityScape, the Luhrs Tower, Collier Center and the Phoenix Convention Center. Its goal is to create a truly unique marketing playground where the creative sky has no limit to building bold new eye-catching and memorable experiences. In the heart of the sixth largest city in the United States, experiential outdoor marketing is thriving in downtown Phoenix. The Legends Entertainment District plays host to a wide variety of sports, concerts and events located in the center of the business community. 

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Ayuda is a digital out-of-home ad tech company. The Ayuda Platform is a supply-side platform (SSP) that is used by media sellers worldwide to manage day-to-day operations. Aside from the usual CMS + player functionality, the Ayuda Platform includes iOS apps for proposal generation, CRM, inventory and contract management, invoicing, leasing, financial reporting and BI dashboards. The Ayuda Platform also includes a full programmatic stack, enabling media vendors to setup private marketplaces & exchanges, a self-service buying app for media buyers, and an ad server that can work with first party data to serve ads and target demographics in real-time. Ayuda is a proud member of the iAB, DPAA, OAAA and FEPE. For more information about Ayuda, visit www.ayudasystems.com